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The Seven Realms is a fantasy, story-driven, adult visual novel.


Atlas has tried to maintain a semblance of peace throughout the Realm for four hundred years.

Since the death of their Queen and a great apathy seized their king, it fell to Atlas, the prince of the vampires, to restore the order. So when he smells an unfamiliar scent that should not have been amongst a party of humans, he goes to investigate and meets Leyala.

Leyala seems to be hiding something, and by trying to undercover what, Atlas starts a chain of events that will cause them to venture across The Seven Realms.

We are a couple passionate about video games, so we decided to create one together.

Our names are Tae & Jay.

Tae ♀: Writer, poser, animator and initial programmer.

Jay ♂: Proofreader, quality checker, post-worker and external communicator.

In the general scheme of things, we still consider ourselves beginners. We’ve come a long way since we first conceived the idea for this project, but we continually want to develop our skills every day. We’re incredibly passionate about this project and are putting in the hours to provide you with a high-quality game. We hope that you find our story immersive and that you will enjoy facing the impacts of your choices.

If you like the game and would like to see it reach its full potential, please consider supporting us on Patreon

We are just starting out and with your support, we can really make this game something special. We also offer additional benefits to our supporters, that may be of interest to you.

We also have an official Website where we have some more information about the game, the realms contained within, and character sheets for current characters and future ones.

We would also love to have you join our official Discord server. Our players have a lot of fun discussing the characters and theories in there, as well as just hanging out. We also offer the chance for custom 4K images for individuals that participate a lot in the server with an inbuilt economy system. Any questions, feel free to ask us over there.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Ren'Py, Romance, Vampire


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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The Chinese steward was killed for enslaving vampires and feeding on them, but Lucius enslaves the world and feeds on Atlas.

I just lost my Saves files :( is there anyway I could skip to play the new update :(

The simplest method would be in the 'Skip Mode' in the Options menu to click 'Unread' and 'All'. Then you can skip through the game very quickly using the fast forward button. It's not ideal, but it is a possibility.

I'm not sure what the issue was with how you lost your saves, but if you're on a PC, you can press 'Windows Key' + 'R' and then type %appdata%Renpy - you can then find a folder named TheSevenRealms and see if your files are stored in there.

I hope this helps :)

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Mainly just to add a different viewpoint that takes a different perspective regarding some things in the long comment.

Outside of it being your world and subject to your whims. It is not this Earth and therefore is not subject to the cultural specifics of it. It may be close, but small adjustments can make a huge difference.

Complete sentences versus incomplete and slang versus not slang:

I know several people who speak multiple languages and they use slang for each. One friend speaks seven and you would never know where he was from because he hides his accent in order to fit in with his colleagues. Caring about knowing slang is dependent on the specific character and other cultural things mentioned later. Bottom line, if you spend a lot of time around people that use slang, you will use slang.

Incomplete sentences versus complete sentences is totally irrelevant as a set in stone argument. If the vampires are seen as high society who expect a certain level of decorum then we could see complete sentences in that setting. On the other hand, if werewolves tend to be young then we might see more slang and adjusted speech with them.

The main character "Atlas" may prefer modern speech and keeping up with younger people when he is not in a formal setting. This would drive a him to be more like a college age student/ young adult than someone "high class". This seems a bit accurate due to where we see the character early on.

side note: With him being originally from the time of the Ancient Greek (and we don't know where he went from there,) being slapped with a ruler on the hand is more invalid if Atlas is speaking relating to his own experience. When you consider that the vampire who turns him would be older, the discipline used could be even more foreign. Don't know the specific scene, but relative to Atlas, the idea of being slapped on the wrist with a ruler is much younger than he is.

Last note: While old money and royal courts have an internal cultural complexity, that complexity comes from internal politics and external politics of nearby regions. Things can change quickly depending on a number of factors. That is why things today have changed compared to 300 years ago, which have changed compared to 600 years ago. High society strived to be fat due to the association with being rich at one time, but not anymore. 

A lot of how the vampire society works would be based off of its ruler. A ruler who places importance on blending in with the general public would actually cause vampires in general to seem like just any average modern younger person. When I say younger, I mean not quite over-the-hill by the way. On top of that, I would also argue that if you lived for hundreds or thousands of years and kept your youth, chasing adventure and life in the moment would be more important than what most older people place importance on. I buy driving society from the background and living in the moment much easier than trying to act like human royalty. Especially since they rule through power. If you can destroy your enemies easily, then how you act is less based off of acting a certain way for your subjects approval than doing what you want.

That can be dived into a lot deeper regarding cultural and political impacts, but this is already longer than necessary.

All of that is really to say that you should take the story in the direction you want, and that there is no requirement for it to be written a specific way to seem realistic to a specific person. Everyone will have an opinion on what makes more sense to them, but you know your world better than anyone.

I have enjoyed the story so far. I have noticed the improvements over time. I look forward to the next piece of the story!

Thanks very much. I really appreciate your comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the game and can see the improvement we've made during the development of this first episode. We still have a long way to go until the game is complete, so hopefully, by the end of it, we will have improved even more drastically :)

Your hypotheses face continuity issues. Canon says Atlas doesn't sling slang at Uni frat parties, he negotiates inter-realm treaties and military strategy with the King of the Earth, in Italy, so much so even his bondmate complains about it. Atlas probably contracted several of the forementioned verbal memetic disorders from Zyair. Zyair uses his intelligence duties as an excuse to gossip with plebs like a giddy schoolgirl. Atlas may have also been auditorily contaminated while negotiating the treaty with the Crimson Idiot Pack, but I certainly would not stoop so low as you as to make excuses for any of that humanish monkey-type behavior. Don't make me send Kons Vas to slap your ka with an ancient Egyptian measuring stick. Nyeh. :-p


Not really any issues with what I said as it was too vague to be specific enough to run into continuity issues. I just presented mostly vague reasons why any society might act differently than the tiny box you put them in based off of others portrayal (especially a fake one with an unknowable impact). Perhaps study cultures more in depth, and other cultures to see the variety out there before taking a hard trolling stance.

You just worked out your own way that things would work, so it seems that you made all the excuses and stooped wherever you needed to come up with it. Congrats though. All of your assumptions have caused the adage about what happens when you assume to ring true at least on your side.

The reality is what I concluded with in the original post. The author made up the world and the story. We don't even know if all the same major events throughout history happened the same in the world, or that any culture is an exact copy of what it is based off of.  Basically, telling the author how their world and culture should look has no bearing. 

In other words, pointing out grammar and spelling issues for an author is fine. pointing out plot points that seem confusing and asking for clarification is fine. 

On the other side, telling an author how their cultures should look and how their dialogue should look based off of your assumption of how their world should work is pretentious.

To be fair, if you presented it as your just your opinion and thoughts on what things should look like instead of trying to present it as indisputable fact that those with an understanding above animals would know, it would be different as well. 

Anyways, that is enough said on this chain of comments.



I said I'd proofread and I'm a man of word, not even Doki Doki Literature Club can stop me. 

At the beginning, nearly every text bubble has minor errors, but let's not sweat the small stuff right now. Most of it is good enough to keep the flow of the story going smoothly. Though I will make some grammar pointers for future reference which will help you edit much of the text at your leisure. There are two main problems, incomplete sentences and creative punctuation.

You use far too many incomplete sentences due to their common usage in speech, but done excessively in a written medium it makes the work look sloppy and makes the characters sound uncultured, especially vampires, which are typically associated with the cultural complexity of old money families and royal courts where the formal words used could make them very rich or very at war. They don't have to sound like Victorian socialites, but a reduction in modern colloquialisms and vulgarities is warranted, unless the characters enjoy slumming with the cattle. Making Atlas the millenia old Prince of Earth was probably too much, that background makes a lot of demands upon your creative license. Consider this, how many languages does Atlas speak? Now multiply that number by a few hundred, because every language has new slang every ten years. Slang gets burdensome to vampires. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously, but traditional grammar is important to traditional people, and historical accuracy is one of the challenges to writing about old vampires. Leyala is the one who should be using bro code, and the Werewolves, maybe the Sprites, but the Prince Of The Universe and his Generals probably have better things to do than surf for memes, that's more spy turf than royalty turf.  ...but I digress: too many incomplete sentences. Vampires use complete sentences. Everyone knows this. Vampires are pale, they live a long time, they drink blood, and they speak proper English, or High German, sprinkled with Latin.

There is far too much creative punctuation. You like dramatic pauses and I recommend you simply use more commas. Sometimes you make pauses and wait until the next dialog box to finish, and that can be effective during a long monologue, but during dialogue it makes me expect the new box to be a new character replying and I may have to double check who's talking, so it might sometimes help the flow of dialog if you simply... do this. ...like that. I love doing that myself. ...often. 

...sometimes too much.

It's a break for incomplete sentences, either signaling forthcoming continuation... like that, or signaling attachment to a previous sentence. ...like this. ...but sometimes I see you use it at the end of complete sentences next to other complete sentences beginning with upper case letters, like this... This gets confusing. You also seem to use it to signal when a character is waiting. That is best done by completing the sentence and then letting the pause stand alone. ...

Fewer incomplete sentences, less creative punctuation, this will improve the flow of the story.

Now for some specific edits...

When Atlas is talking to Marc, he says "Maybe I should remind you who orders who around." It should be [who orders whom]. ...but most people don't care, I'm not sure if I care. I think  a politician could get elected by promising to outlaw "whom".

Then he should soon say [At worst I would get a slap on the wrist.] Teachers used to slap students on the wrist of their writing hand with a ruler to remind them they should be writing instead of goofing off.

In the shower scene: [He would have teased and pulled my nipples until they hardened.]. Maintain past tenses.

When Leyala pinned to the hotel floor, she  looks younger, and her mascara is running after she got out of the shower. ...unless she's so goth she cries black tears. 

"Then I'll hold my hand [up] and you'll be the one touching me."  Holding a hand is much different from holding a hand up.

Leyala: "So, what are you saying [I am?]" Don't use the "I'm" contraction there. It's one of those bits of English which would seem to make sense, but nobody ever says it, so it makes no sense. 

"Just look at me and [breathe] with me." Breathe a breath.

Who is the guy on Zyair's white and black t-shirt? It looks like Snowden with big hair.

Atlas to Zyair: "Each vampire family has a distinct [scent]".

Atlas to Leyala: "he had conquered them thousands [of] years ago."

Atlas' conversation with Zyair conflicts with what he says to Leyala. He told Zyair he doesn't love Leyala yet, and agreed vampires don't believe in destiny, then he comforts Leyala by saying the bond means they were destined for each other and his soul belongs to her. I would edit the conversation with Zyair.

Leyala: "being close to you is making everything better and making [me] feel so good."

Atlas: "I know you kind of [met] yesterday, but let's [formalize] it a bit."  

Much after that point seems to have fewer obvious mistakes, so I'll just take a break and call it a day.


Thanks for the time you've taken here and the detail that you've gone into. You've raised some very good points. I've corrected the typos in preparation for our next version. Although 'formalise' is the British-English spelling which is what we are using :)

Most of those are from our very first update, and I feel that our writing/grammar has come a long way since then. Sometime soon (likely in preparation for a Steam release), I aim to do another thorough proofread of the earlier updates as I now have a much more optimised method of doing so!


Ah, British-English, well, cheerios from across the pond, then, and death to the redcoats. :)

In America, Naya tells the Werewolves, "I'll ensure you remain free and will never be oppressed.", after violently enslaving them.

If she meant what she said, I'd  recommend she read the American Declaration of Independence a couple times. It's very short, but very helpful to anyone who wants to see the difference between liberty and tyranny.

(1 edit)

Atlas says Dantes is superior to Heathcliff because he's sadistic but not crazy. I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. I read Wuthering Heights several times, but I couldn't get past an early chapter of Monte Cristo when Dantes seemed worse than Heathcliff ever was. And Dantes getting a better ending is debatable, it may depend on whether you assume Heathcliff went mad or if he was in the end at last reunited with his lost love. Bronte's ending appears more ambiguous if you remember spiritualism was quite popular at the time, it's a sort of secret happy ending for those who believe in the supernatural. 


I tought it was a game with only sex and that's all but i'm impresed with the story and the waifus even without the spicy part 11/10


Haha, thanks a lot :) we’ve really worked hard to develop the lore, story and characters and to have the regular adult content as an added bonus. So it’s always satisfying to hear when someone appreciates the story. Thanks for your comment!


I hope the next update come soon, i will wait hyped

And if i can, i could help with Spanish translations


Thanks so much for the kind offer! Are you in our Discord server already? If not, it may be easier to discuss further on there :)

Yes i'm already in the server and i would like to see more scenes of Tasha and more progress with Kali and Naya ^^


It's still a long game ahead. There will be some other scenes with Tasha. Kali and Naya will be much more developed as the game progresses :)

I dont know what I do wrong. But everytime I update the game all my game progress is gone. How do I prevent that?

Hmm, that's strange, we haven't heard of any issues with this, so I think that this may be an issue on your side. One person did mention having issues, but it turned out they were using a separate storage device. A couple of questions to check:

- Are you playing on the same device with the same memory storage (for example, the same hard drive)?

- Do you have any anti-virus software or PC clean-up tool that might be deleting your save files by mistake?

None of them above. But if this isnt a common issue, it's probably something on my side. I will look into it and try things out :)

A 'saves' folder is in the game files should show 'SAVE files'. There is often also another place on your PC where they are backed up. Have a play around and see if it does the same when we put out our next release, and let us know. I hope that you can work it out!


I noticed a couple scenes with dialogues which don't make sense.

During a scene with Atlas, Naya says "We're ready for you, Daddy.", and that name disturbs me, because that's what child slaves are trained to say to pedos old enough to be their fathers. What Naya SHOULD have said was, "We're ready for you, Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Granddaddy." That would be more accurate. :)

After Atlas got phone-head, Leyala said "You're so sweet I'm getting cavities.", but instead of replying "I'll fill all three.", he inexplicably replied "The one that said romance was dead clearly never met me.", but that makes no sense, because he's a vampire. Vampire romance is dead. Also... Vampire romance sucks, it's neckromantic. v----v


Hahaha, you had me to begin with there, I was worried thinking that we’d made a mistake somewhere! But just as an added note, if Naya said Daddy, you must’ve chosen that you liked it when speaking to her earlier in the game, otherwise she won’t say it :)

Naya says daddy once immediately before it asks if I like it. I opted out, so she said "[Whoops, sorry.]".

At least that's optional, I once flirted with a girl who practically demanded to call daddy. Cute girl, but I had to break it off.

I did notice a few minor typos, but I let them slide, though if you're that embarrassed about them, I could do another run through and see what I find.

Gotcha. Yeah, if you're happy to do so. It might be easier to report them on our Discord server if you have a Discord account. If not, then no worries.

I might be on Discord soon, but I'm only on here right now. I prefer to get banned from one site at a time. I can't tell you how many times I got banned from Facebook and Twitter, but it was over a hundred. Publicly insulting Fuckerberg and his Bilderberg friends didn't earn me many favors. 


My apologies, but I think it's going to take a lot longer than I expected to get around to my third run of your game. I just played Doki Doki Literature Club and lost all faith in humanity. I think I might throw my phone in the river.


Well, I cursed the world and destroyed two phones and was ready to be offline for a few months, but I found a new phone sitting atop a trash bin, still in the box, so I guess I'll take that as a sign that the universe is not yet done tormenting me with the internet. I guess I'll take a look at your latest update after all. 

Did you roleplay V:tM / WoD? 

No, never - but members of our community have mentioned it to us since and it looks pretty cool!

The WoD entertained me for a couple years. The books got pricey, but it's got intercompatible books for vamps and weres and mages and fae and all that, so I presumed it may have influenced your work. White Wolf did truly groundbreaking work for the supernatural genre, Buffy probably owes it's success to WW. ...and Pee Wee, of course, best death scene ever.

(1 edit) (+1)

Love this game. Every time there's an update it's awesome and never disappointed by them. And they are often updated. Can't wait for the next update

I really hope we could have fun with Tasha 😏yk  

Well anyways a good update 

Not within the most recent update, but there are a couple of variations of scenes earlier in the game. Did you experience those? :)


Another good update. Thanks!


Dang you guys and your cliffhangers... Just like it should be, but damn!


It's good game I love it waiting for next update , I want Laureen!

Thanks, we're glad that you're enjoying it! We currently don't have planned lewd scenes with Laureen, as we have a large number of other girls to develop. However, if we gain enough support and have more resources to hire additional help, we would look to try and add some additional scenes with certain characters.


thx for a super nice game. i love the story and i cant wait for the next update you got 5 stars from me i am just sad that i dont got the money to support a super well made game like this

Thanks so much, we’re really happy that you like to game so far! Any support that you can provide would be massively appreciated, but of course only if you have the means to do so. Even by commenting and leaving a 5 star rating you’ve supported us :) our next update is currently available on our Patreon page, but as it’s over the ‘upload limit’ on Itch.io, we’re still waiting for our storage capacity to be expanded before we upload it here. We will post once it’s available here!


cant you just post a mega link like a lot of other dev. do here on Itch


Thanks for the suggestion. I had taken a look into that but was worried that it was overcomplicated. Taking a proper look at it again, it was actually very simple. As Itch.io hasn't gotten back to us, we have now uploaded this via MEGA and it's live on our page :)


thx and i am happy that i can help will start download right now

any femdom in this game and character name please

Hey! In what has been written so far, we currently have one planned light femdom scene available with a character named Ling Guo. This will be in Realm 2 (basically like Episode 2, of which there will be 7 in total), so that scene won't be for a little while yet. There is always the possibility that we may add more content like this after that point too :)


hey!  Damn, you have something special here.  Only a ways into it, but I am impressed enough to shout out kudos.  And a couple team—two sides of the brain too often missing in the vast majority of AVNs.  I’ll likely write again when I’ve completed the current work product, maybe with constructive criticism, or maybe just more laudation.  Cheers!

(1 edit)

Thanks for your kind words! You’re right though, being able to bounce ideas off of each other has helped the two of us massively so far :)

We really hope that you enjoy the rest of the game as much, but constructive feedback is always welcome!


Amazing game, I have played many AVN's and this by far was one of the best I have ever played I cannot wait for the next version of this game.

I absolutely loved the romance between leyala and the main character if you keep this performance up I'm sure you will go extremely far with this AVN.

Thank you for making such a beautiful game.

Thank you so much for the kind comment. We're very happy that you've enjoyed playing so far :)

We're very passionate about creating this game and have big plans for the future, so I hope that you'll stick around for it!


do you plan on steam release in the future? your game is amazing so far! i mainly like to have my games in steam so would be nice to buy it there & support! anyways keep up with this quality of work & you will have lots of success with this.

Yes, we do plan to release on Steam eventually. We would be looking to do this Realm by Realm (as individual episodes of which there will be a total of 7).

Once we have finished releasing Realm 1,  towards the end of this year, we would look to release it on Steam with the game also translated into several different languages :)

Thanks for the kind comment, we're really happy that you're enjoying the game so far!


Keep up the good work.Easily one of the top AVN out there

Thanks so much for your comment. We have big plans for the future of this AVN, so hopefully, you like where we take it!


Love that you are a couple doing this together. Such an amazing AVN so far.

Thanks so much. Working on it as a couple really helps keep us keep productive and it's always good to bounce ideas off of each other. We really appreciate your support and hope that you continue to enjoy our future releases :)


Great game! I really enjoyed it!


Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad that you're enjoying it so far and hope that you like what we have planned for the future of the game We're really passionate and have big plans for it.

If you want to get involved in the community, feel free to join our Discord server or check out some of our posts on Patreon or our website :)


5/5 honestly. The story, art and wording is amazing. I was hooked within the first few minutes. Glad you made an Android version, as that's what I use.


Thank you for your review! We're glad that you liked the game so far! Reviews like yours really motivate us and give us an extra boost to work harder on the game. 
We plan to update regularly so don't hesitate to follow us here or on Patreon (we have public posts for important announcements).
We are also active on Discord where people ask questions about the game etc. You can earn custom renders by being active. 
We also plan to post exclusive renders on Twitter and Instagram, so don't hesitate to follow us there too!